Private Music Lessons 
Private lessons are available in voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, songwriting and music production. Our instructors teach you what you want to learn.

Our instructors teach from the standpoint that you as an artist know what you want. We relate our lessons to music as both an individual art form and the technical aspect. We believe it is our job to help broaden your knowledge and skills to express yourself individually.

Kathi McKay-Voice, Piano, Songwriting, Coaching
Kathi has taught privately for over twenty years. Learning is approached through many methods including 1. Reading music 2. The structure and application of music concepts 3. The performance (even if for one's own enjoyment!) 4. Self Confidence View Kathi's Bio.

Piano/Keyboard students range from beginners wanting to learn to read, to singer/songwriters wanting to enhance their songwriting skills.

Voice Students learn technical as well as expressive skills. Vocal students learn music application (using keyboard/guitar as a reference). Final product of working song is recorded in our studio, and students build a recording mp3 repertoire of finished products.

John Stafford-Guitar, Bass, Recording
John is a long time sought after master guitarist. His instruction uses songs that the student enjoy and he teaches them from a performance and theory perspective.

John teaches guitar and bass from beginners to advanced. Many of his students are successful professional guitarists. View John's Bio.

Jordan Stafford-Guitar, Bass, Drums, Production
Jordan teaches guitar, bass, production techniques and beginning drums. His guitar and bass students learn from familiar songs. Jordan uses Logic X for production sessions. View Jordan's Bio.


Artist Services

Audio Recording/Production 
TimeHarmony Studio is a personal project studio that caters to individual and small group artists. We specialize in Singer/Songwriters, Soloists and small groups. Our average recording project is 2-4 days. You don't need a full production studio--you may just need a project studio to help you crank out your ideas and projects.
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Your project needs promotion, and TimeHarmony can help you release videos for YouTube presence, email and DVD promotion.
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Custom Backing Tracks 
Original songs--We can create backing tracks for your original songs. You choose the instrumentation-just a guitar? keys? or maybe you want a full production for your song.
Demo--We can create a backing track for your audition demo with the exact arrangement/time that you need.
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Vocal Demos 
Many of our clients just need to have their voice on a recording for an audition or promotion. We can take your favorite backing tracks and record your vocals on top and make your recordings sound professional.

Music Career Coaching 
What is your next career step? TH can help you create a plan and focus on your goals. Maybe you can sing/play, but need help with career options and help with what your next step should be.

We can help with:
Creating a marketing plan
Finding venues
Creating a press packet
Social Media Presence
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Singer/Songwriter Arranging and Demos  
Some singers write music and need a little help with arrangements and/or chord progressions for band charts. TH can help with arrangement and charting as well as recording original songs for singer/songwriter demos.
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